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Our training kennels are partially enclosed (a roof with 2 walls).  Each kennel is cooled and heated with fans during the hot months and heaters during the cold months.  We also utilize weather tarps to enclose all 4 sides of the kennel to keep the rain out and the heat in, when needed.  A raised bed and a fresh bucket of water will also be in the kennel with your dog. 



All dogs must be up to date on all shots (including kennel cough) and we will need proof of that prior to your dog's stay.  We will also have a few forms you'll need to fill out when you arrive.

We feed all of our dogs a high protein dog food, and its included in the monthly program.

Invoices are paid monthly, and we accept cash, check, or payments via Venmo or PayPal .


If you have any other questions, please let us know!

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