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Duration – 1 to 2 months*

Throughout this program, bringing out your puppy’s natural desire for retrieving will be the focus.  Your puppy will be introduced to:


  • Birds

  • Gun shots

  • Boats

  • Decoys

  • Retrieving

  • The foundation for basic obedience commands




Duration – 3 to 5 months*

In this program, your dog will learn the fundamentals of retrieving.  Your dog will be taught necessary skills to successfully perform at the UKC Started and AKC Junior level of hunt tests.  During this program, we teach:


  • Basic obedience

  • Whistle commands

  • Single land and water marks

  • Steadiness

  • Honoring

  • Collar conditioning

  • Hold

  • Force fetch






Duration 4 to 6 months*

During this program, your dog will be taught necessary skills to successfully perform at the UKC Seasoned and AKC Senior level of hunt tests.  During this program, we teach:


  • Three handed casting

  • Multiple marks on land and water

  • Blinds

  • Honoring

  • Walk-ups

  • Diversion birds

  • Steadied basic obedience

  • Steadiness

  • Diversions

  • Pattern blinds (land and water)

  • Pile work

  • Mini T

  • Double T



Duration – 5 to 7 months*

Once your dog has reached this level, our goal is to perfect his already established skills and add more difficulty to his training.  He will be trained with more marks, more difficult terrain, longer retrieves, and more difficult blinds.  At the end of this program, your dog will be able to successfully perform at the UKC Finished and AKC Master level of hunt tests.

During this program, we teach:


  • Advanced Marking Concepts (including triples and quads on land and water)

  • Advanced Handling Drills

  • Long Multiple Blinds with factors

  • Pattern Blinds (land and water)

  • Poison Birds

  • Diversion Birds

  • Water to Land, Land to Water marks

  • Triples and Quads on land and water

  • Marks combined with blinds

dogs sitting.JPG

Duration – 2 months

During this program, your dog will learn basic commands such as Heel, Sit, Place, and Here.  In addition to these basic skills, your dog will also be taught to walk on and off a leash as well as general "good manners", like not jumping on people, barking obsessively, etc.  


For the best results, your dog will stay at our facility for the duration of the 2 months, so the focus will be solely on the training.  We use a variety of methods including positive reinforcement, repetition, and collar conditioning.  Although your dog will learn a lot during these two months, we keep the atmosphere fun and exciting for them.  


Towards the middle of the second month we ask that you come out to see your dog's progress and to learn a few of the skills yourself.  Then, at end of the two months, you will come out for a session with us to help you transition your dog from our facility back to their home life.  We want your dog to succeed as much as you do, so we are always available after your program has ended to help with anything at all.


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