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Daily Schedule:

Your dog(s) will start their day with some fresh air and a quick bathroom break before breakfast (for those that eat breakfast).

After breakfast settles, your pup(s) will have play time.

Once your dog(s) are good and tired, the dogs will head back in for a water break and maybe a nap.  

In the afternoon, your dog(s) will go back outside for a bathroom break and play.  If weather permits, the dogs will spend the rest of the afternoon lounging on their "porches" and enjoying their view.  

Your dog will spend it's evening enjoying another run around our large yard followed by dinner.

They'll end the day with a late-night bathroom break and snack then settle in their kennels for a good night sleep.

Before You Arrive:

Please be sure to get your dog's current vaccination records from your vet. Each of these vaccinations must be updated in order to board:

DA2PPV - Distemper with Parvo


Bordatella - Kennel Cough

Please bring your dog's current food.  We do have food we can provide, if necessary with additional charges, but we prefer for your dog to eat what it's used to eating. If applicable, please feel free to bring any medication the dog may need throughout their stay here.

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Drop-Off and Pick-Up:

MONDAY - FRIDAY : 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

SATURDAY : 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

SUNDAY : 1:30 PM to 6:00 PM


Once you have figured out a time that is convenient for you to drop off/pick up, give us a call or text letting us know what time. 


On your drop off day, we will have your dog's individual kennel ready when you arrive.  Each kennel will be furnished with a raised bed, water bucket, and food bowl.  We don't recommend fluffy beds as they tend to get a little dirty, but we are happy to try to keep them as clean as possible, if you'd like to bring their normal bed.  Blankets, toys, and treats are welcome as well.  

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